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  • TapouT New Arrivals At MMA Clothing Australia

    MMA Clothing Australia's new stock has arrived and is now waiting to be delivered.

    Grab one of these three new TapouT arrivals before they are all gone.

    New TapouT Stock

    TapouT New Arrivals MMA Clothing Australia


    These three great new TapouT arrivals we have on sale are only a small selection of all our variety of TapouT gear ranging from clothes all the way through to mouth guards and our fight gear.

    If you are looking for a new over night bag all the way through to a new bag to put all your mma gear in, this Black TapouT Duffel Bag is the best option for you. The bag is reinforced so well, it will nearly impossible for you to wear out this bag; and its light weight makes it extremely useable.

    If you are looking a workout bag a little bit smaller this other new arrival TapouT Stitch Backpack is the best option for you. Perfect size for you to put all your gym equipment in when wanting to head out for a workout or for the kids to use at school.

    The last arrival we have going is our brand new 100% cotton TapouT Scary Dream T-shirt. This is one of the latest designs from TapouT. Thee idea behind the amazing shirt is the concept of an mma fighter - the one who's trained every day with a discipline very few could possibly imagine - coming at us with malice in mind is enough to cause some nightmarish thoughts; which they have tried to replicate on this brand tshirt design.

    If you would like to keep up with all our recent sales and new arrivals going on and all our competitions in place to get the cheapest prices on the top brands in MMA Clothing, sign up for our MMA Newsletter and you'll be sure never to miss our exclusive MMA Clothing monthly promotions.

    TapouT was created by Charles "Mask" Lewis Jr who since then has become a poineer of the mma movement happening right now. TapouT is the leading mixed martial arts(MMA) apparel and lifestyle brand. TapouT represents the best of the best MMA superstars, clothing and equipping them in the top of the range clothes and equipment for Men, Women and Children. TapouT believes that there lifestyle aims to inspire everyone to reach all their goals and for everyone to know that if you simply believe anything is possible.

  • MMA Clothing Sale Panic Switch 25% off

    At MMA Clothing Australia we love to give all our customers and fans not only the cheapest prices with the fastest shipping, but also; we love to put on SALES for all our customers whether it be your first time buying from us or your tenth.

    If you head over to our home page now, and look in our On Sale section you'll find our monthly discounted specials. These sales can range from our popular mouth guards all the way through to our t-shirts and shorts.

    For this month we have a massive 25% mark down on all our Panic Switch t-shirts for a limited time.  The sale will be going on for the entire month of October, until the ninth of November 2014.

    Sale Sale Sale!!! MMA Clothing 25% Off All Panic Switch Clothes

    Panic Switch T-Shirts

    Our Panic Switch t-shirts are normally already some of the cheapest MMA t-shirts online at the price of $29.95. However, we have marked them down even more by a quarter of their price!

    All these shirts are in stock in a variety of mens sizes from small all the way through to XXL

    • Rock The Badge T-Shirt Panic Switch, Sizes: Small - XL
    • Stomp T-shirt Panic Switch, Sizes: Medium - XXL
    • The Eagle T-shirt Panic Switch, Sizes: Small - XXL
    • Tribute Steal-Ya T-shirt Panic Switch, Sizes: Medium - XXL 

    Panic Switch is based in Southern California and is an urban clothing brand with a huge following who have helped make it one of the best quality street wear and sports wear brands across the USA.  The Panic Switch Army was motivated to start making amazing clothing inspired by the extreme sports and music that influence an adrenaline charged lifestyle. Panic Switch is well known for their signature t-shirts for some of the amazing Nascar racing stars in the USA like Kurt Busch and Brad Keselowski. Panic Switch continues to this day  to design and make street wear, head wear, sporting wear and accessories designed for adrenaline junkies and people that love to live to extreme levels.

    "We are renagades, radicals and revolutionaries. we push ourselves to the edge and never fear hitting the panic switch. Find your limit and flip the switch!" Panic Switch's motto. 

    If you would like to keep up with all our recent sales going on and all our competitions in place to get the cheapest prices on the top brands in MMA Clothing, sign up for our MMA Newsletter and you'll be sure never to miss our exclusive MMA Clothing monthly promotions.

  • MMA Clothing $100 Gift Voucher Giveaway

    As a promotion for recently re-stocking our online store, we will be doing a once off Like & Share $100 Gift Voucher Giveaaway through our MMA Clothing Facebook page

    Your entry into this simple competition, puts you to be in the running to win a massive $100 worth of products from our catalogue; ranging from our Men's, Women's and Kids T-shirts, Jumpers, Jackets and shorts all the way through to our bags, training gear, hats and beanies from the best brands out there: TapouT, Jaco, Tribal, Anti-Human, Contract Killer and Panic Switch.

    This voucher will also be able to be used on our massive range of TapouT mouth guards we have on sale. This range includes:

    • Single Coloured Mouth Guards
    • Multi-Coloured Mouth Guards in team colours
    • and our very popular Fang Mouth Guards.

    How To Enter For You Free $100 Giveaway

    All you need to do to be part of this one off opportunity to receive a free $100 gift card is :

    1. Head over to our Facebook page : MMA Clothing Facebook Page
    2. Like our page MMA Clothing Australia
    3. Share the competition post on your wall with all your friends

    Doing this, you will automatically be in the draw to win the gift voucher for any of our products from

    This competition will be running from Thursday 9th October 2014 all the way through until Friday 31st October 2014 and we will be naming the winner on Wednesday 5th November 2014 through our Facebook page.

    If you are the lucky winner of this event you will be notified through your Facebook account with a 12 digit code that can be used at any time you wish to use it within the next 12 months. However the $100 gift voucher will only last one year from the 5th of November 2014 and will expire on the 5th of November 2015.

    Free MMA Clothing Competition Giveaway Time

    CompetitionTime (1)


    To be in the running to win a $100 gift voucher from MMA Clothing Australia all you need to do is: 1. Like our page 2. Share this competition

    This gift voucher can be used for any of of the wide range of products we have on our website. Our range of Men's, Kids and Women's products include Shirts, Hats/Beanies, Wallets, Bags, Shorts, Hoodies, Jackets, Compression shorts, Fight shorts and our massive range of TapouT Mouth guards ranging from single colours, multi colours to our massive hit the fang Mouth guards.

    Entries into this competition will be closing at the end of this month, 31st Of October 2014.

    Winner will be announced on the 5th of November and this winner will be messaged a code that will give them $100 to spend in our online store at any point in time over the next 12 months.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

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